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8th Mar 2015

Name: Charlie
Age: 9
Minecraft Username: T00TLE
I do not have any alt accounts no
I will be showing help, kindness, and fun in the community
If anyone would break the rules if it's small maybe a kick or a tempban if it's really bad a permant ban.
I'm qualified to be a modarator becuase i'm happy kind helping and kind but sometimes I have to be mean becuase it's my job.
People that are staff at the momment are kind happy helping and get on with there job.
I do not have the right equipment to record a video
Yes i have a micaphone
I will be on most of the time if you need my help I live in the UK
Charlie Here, I will exept your responibilitys and donate my time, sometimes i have to go out but thats ok anyway hope you like my applacation!
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